Plymouth’s SU is the eighth best in the UK

82 per cent of us are satisfied

Fresher’s appeal to find her prosthetic hand after she lost it in Oceana

It costs £3,000

Plymouth named the second friendliest city in the UK

We’re pretty great

UPSU sacks VP Welfare for ‘insubordination’

She has already launched an appeal

Man arrested after exposing himself in uni library

He said he was just ‘researching the UN’

Plymouth undergrad adopts stray dog who saved her from being attacked

She travelled back to Greece and spent thousands to bring Pepper to England

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Plymouth Bomb Squad called out to detonate fir cone

The coastguard thought it was an ‘unexploded hand grenade’

Plymouth named tea-drinking capital of the UK

Bizarre survey also links tea and sex habits

The Chuckle Brothers are coming to Plymouth for Freshers Week

Has Plymouth Uni finally peaked?

Locals furious as Jam Jar granted 5am licence

The licence was granted despite complaints from residents

Plymouth Uni researchers in liquid nitrogen balls-up

They blew up a bin full of ping-pong balls for science

Row Row Row your bot: Plymouth boffins create Atlantic sailing robot

Mayflower 2.0

Thuggish seagulls give Newquay resident a black eye

They were trying to steal his bacon sandwich

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Plymouth uni hopeful holds up jewellery store at gunpoint

He feared he’d wasted his private school education

Is this the coolest house in Plymouth?

Imagine the parties

How to act at a house night, according to the DJ

He knows more than you do

Death of Plymouth nurse may have been due to steroid use

Daniel Murray was found dead in his room in February

Dealer who sold deadly white heroin as cocaine accused of murder

Shaun Brotherston and Bradley Price died in November

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