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I am not going to the Summer Ball, and I am glad

Joel Watson tells us why he is happy not to be heading to UPSU’s Summer Ball

What’s so great about Breaking Bad?

Is Breaking Bad really all that? Joel Watson hits us up with his opinion on the critically-acclaimed series.

ARGUMENT: Should super strength booze be banned?

We impart our White Lightning wisdom on what we think about the proposed high-strength alcohol ban in the city

Tinder: The Female Perspective

Opinions editor Kay Smythe takes a tour of the Tinder talent in Plymouth and gives her two cents on what it’s like being a girl on the dating app taking over the UK

Sexism in Plymouth: The female perspective

Sexism is still present in the working world, so surely universities should be teaching their female students how to cope?

Telling a boy to ‘Man Up’ is sexist

In a society that is actively tackling sexual discrimination towards women – why is it ok to say this to men?

My girlfriend has Borderline Personality Disorder

She self-harms, lies to protect me and drinks herself into oblivion. But I love her.

Private schools are NOT better than state schools

A few reasons why private schools do NOT match their state school counterparts, and why your child may not be worse off at the local comprehensive