Plymouth’s SU is the eighth best in the UK

82 per cent of us are satisfied

According to the National Student Survey, students at Plymouth are the eighth most satisfied with their SU in the UK.

82 per cent of you voted that you were happy with the services provided by your students’ union, putting Plymouth in eighth place, one rank better than Newcastle. The average was only 70 per cent satisfaction, so you guys are obviously pretty happy with the way the SU is run.

Plymouth uni

Taking the top spot is Sheffield with 96 per cent and trailing behind, pretty upset with their SU is Oxford, where only 34 per cent of people claimed to be content with their students’ union.

85 percent of Plymouth students also reported that they were happy with their university as a whole, showing that most of you seem to be enjoying your time despite the high fees.

Only time will show if further hikes in annual fees mellow student enthusiasm for their chosen university.