Plymouth Bomb Squad called out to detonate fir cone

The coastguard thought it was an ‘unexploded hand grenade’

A bomb disposal team were called out after an unexploded hand grenade was found in a rock pool this weekend – but it turned out to be a fir cone.

The coastguard arrived at the scene in Crackington Haven this weekend after they received images of the suspicious object sent in by a local man exploring the rock pools.


Fearing for the safety of people in the area, they quickly got in contact with deadly weapons experts to remove the lethal device.

When the tide eventually moved out, the Plymouth Bomb Disposal team climbed over the rock pools for a closer look and quickly realised they were dealing with nothing more than a washed up fir cone.

Representative for the Bude Coastguard, volunteer Tim Martindale, said: “At the weekend, photographs we saw showed something which looked like a grenade so we went down and took a look.

“As coastguards we’re not qualified to give an assessment so the bomb disposal from Plymouth were called in as it looked like a suspicious device but it in the end it just turned out to be a pine cone.”

We’ve all made that mistake before.

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