Identical twins are studying identical courses after getting identical grades

They have identical part-time jobs too

Many of us often feel pressured to follow in our sibling’s footsteps, but that won’t be a problem for James and Jack Henniker – they’ll be starting at the University of Plymouth side by side this September.

And not only will the identical twins be doing the same course, they’ll both be heading to uni with EXACTLY the same grades – an A in media, a B in business and a C in geography.


Despite the kooky coincidence, James tells us it’s not as odd as it seems. He said: “We’re both good at the same things and usually work together really well, when picking out our A-level options we chose separately without chatting to each other about it but ended up choosing the same subjects anyway.

“We’re both really interested in business and have always wanted to eventually open up our own business together in the future, so choosing Business Management seemed a good choice to get some experience in managing a business first and then setting one up in the future.

The brothers are inseparable, and will be saving the money it would cost to move away from home to invest in business ventures – or maybe to travel round America together after their degrees are finished.

James said: “We try to make important decisions like uni choices separately as we’re aware we need to be independent with decisions like that, but usually seem to make the same choices as we’re so similar.

“With regards to our actual grades, they were exactly the same in each subject – we even got exactly the same overall mark in geography, which was spooky.

“We got slightly different marks in the other two subjects but still had the same grades overall – It happened in GCSE as well where we both got 4 A*s and 6 As each, all grades exactly the same for each subject.”

James tells us that people are often freaked out by his and Jack’s similarities, often blaming the paranormal.


He said: “When we tell people, they usually come out with the usual twin telepathy jokes and say how similar we are.

“We forget that to other people seeing twins, especially ones who are so similar and close, it must be very strange.”

Not only are the pair identical in both looks and interests, they also both have the exact same jobs.

James said: “We get mixed up a lot, especially at work because we both work at B&Q and at the bar at Plymouth Albion.

“Customers usually get served by one of us and then carry on their conversation with the other twin later on, but we normally have to stop them mid-conversation and tell them we’re twins.

“Usually it’s quite funny and we don’t mind getting mixed up at all, customers usually remember us for it too.”


But it’s not all bad – James says being a twin is a good ice-breaker, which we’re sure him and his brother will find during fresher’s.

However he’s not a big fan of the pressure that comes with being a twin. He said: “People always judge our decisions and say that we need to change our own interests and goals just because the other has the same interests and goals too.

“But they don’t understand what it’s like being a twin, especially when you’re both so close and similar – we don’t feel we should change just because we like the same things!”

And neither do we, James. Or Jack.

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