Plymouth named tea-drinking capital of the UK

Bizarre survey also links tea and sex habits

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People in Plymouth drink the most tea out of anyone in the UK, a new study has found.

The research, carried out by Newby Teas, found the average Plymouth resident drinks 4.2 cups of tea per day – a whole cup more than the UK average.


Tea is apparently a ‘sensual experience’

2,000 over-18s were quizzed in the survey, which aimed to delve into Britain’s tea-drinking habits – but also looked for links between tea and sex.

The bizarre research also found the randy Welsh were most likely to turn down a cup of tea for a quickie – although half of them preferred a brew to wine or beer.

Tea expert Nirmal Sethia, owner of Newby Teas, said: “The people of Plymouth are on to something great – they drink the most tea and 65 per cent prefer tea to the toxicity that is alcohol.

“These patterns point to a population that has discovered the sensual experience and unity with the divine that comes from tea.

“If you don’t have time to appreciate a cup of tea, you shouldn’t drink it. Tea is only to be sipped.

“More than 50% of people in Plymouth take the time to read a book and share that quiet moment with a sensual cup of tea – a great way to appreciate every sense evocable through tea.”

Sounds about right.