Locals furious as Jam Jar granted 5am licence

The licence was granted despite complaints from residents

The Jam Jar’s licence has been extended until 5am despite complaints from perturbed locals.

The popular bar will now be allowed to open three hours later than it was previously on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

The new closing time, which is three hours later than before, only applies to the serving of food.

However the decision has angered locals, who blame the bar and its 24-hour neighbour Caffeine Club for anti-social behaviour in the area.


Writing to the Plymouth Herald, one elderly resident said: “We have noise disturbance almost every night from drunk young people and students, especially on a Friday and Saturday.

“Litter and fast food wrappers are dropped everyday. It is getting worse living here.

“I am 68-years-old and still working – it would be good to have a peaceful night once in a while.”

The decision has also disgruntled local councillor Chaz Singh, who has urged residents to contact him if any problems arise.

He said: “Residents cannot understand why nothing is being done and that licences are being granted and extended

“The extent to which their views are not being listened to means they give up and suffer.”

Many seem to see the decision as a blatant favouring of students over locals, with The Jam Jar’s owner Boutique Coffee Brands even admitting: “The reason for this application is to satisfy the demand when the students arrive in September.”

However Jam Jar owner Steven Bartlett said: “This application, I think, helps the problems of the area be slightly more resolved because we are giving people an alternative to stop drinking alcohol and relax and wind down with a coffee.

“We are offering a sit-down, civilised and soothing atmosphere.”

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