How to act at a house night, according to the DJ

He knows more than you do

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Benedict Priddy has DJ’d at nights around Plymouth as well as occasional gigs in Exeter. He’s supported Cause & Affect, Monki, and DJ Q.



It’s an incredibly basic concept, yet a lot of people are very incapable in doing it in a way that doesn’t annoy other people. I’m not against “shuffling”, but please understand the dance floor is not all your space. Nobody wants to be pushed by you or feel you constantly poking them because your hands are flailing everywhere.

“Moshing” is tolerated by practically nobody in the House scene. You’re not at a crap V Festival so don’t start, period. By all means, when it comes to dancing, express yourself as you wish in whatever space you have, as that is what House music is about, but just make sure it doesn’t involve you coming into constant physical contact with people around you who don’t want it.

My skank game is too strong. Ha, nope.

Keep it clean

Raving at the front

This zone is reserved. If you’re in a state where your head is uncontrollable and you’ve forgotten your name, this is somewhere you should not be. People at the front have actually gone mainly for the music, and intend to enjoy it as much as possible, so please do not ruin this for them.

At one event I was happily awaiting my boys from Cause & Affect to come on stage when multiple people behind me were all pushed forward by one single druggie of a giant height, almost resulting in my friend being completely crushed. Despite this, he refused to acknowledge everyone complaining directly to him. You can go nuts at the front, just make sure you’re in an acceptable state to do so.

Enjoy it, don't destruct it.

Enjoy it, don’t destroy it


Let’s face it, there have always been drugs involved in this scene since it became popular in the 80s and I don’t see their use dying down anytime soon. That’s perfectly alright to enjoy your night that way. All I would ask is you keep in mind everyone else around you, with the tiny percentage of sense you might have while you’re sweating your tits off.

My friends and I have constantly witnessed people being crushed/pushed to the floor/shouted at and had punches thrown at them by drug users. This genre is meant to encourage people from multiple backgrounds to come together and have a fucking good time, not piss each other off. Go to a death metal gig if you want to wallop/cause someone else harm, not here.

I would also please beg of you to enjoy whichever high you have taken from a place on the floor which is not the in the centre of a huge crowd of people. Otherwise, you run the risk of making quite a few people hate you and possibly getting lamped.

If you’re new to the scene, seriously watch yourself. Unfortunately there are ever-increasing reports of drug overdoses and horrific incidents. PLEASE, do not take anything from someone you have never met/barely know, and never take anything without knowing exactly what it is or where it came from. There are some disgusting people that have ventured into this scene, so keep your wits about you.

Don't overdo it pal

Don’t overdo it pal


If you bring up the line “Whoomp, There it is!” during a club event I will be giving you the blankest stare possible. Save it for a festival, because there nobody will despise you.

Some people will do their best to ruin it for everyone else

Some people will do their best to ruin it for everyone else

Have respect for the music

This is not your standard club night. Nobody will be playing any cheesy John Newman house bootleg to make you happy. This is a night where an act has been booked to showcase what they have to play and to enlighten everyone on new music. Don’t expect to be able to go and request to Sam Divine to play “Cheerleader” because it won’t happen. If you don’t like this music, you were an idiot to pay the entry fee in the first place.

Fans of the genre only please

No requests, just enjoy the tunes

P.S. Protect your ears. Wear some earplugs, because you can’t put a price on your hearing.