Triumphant gay kiss-a-thon after alleged homophobic incident at pub

The landlord still insisted: ‘It’s Adam and Eve, not fucking Adam and Steve’

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Defiant locals gathered at a pub for a gay kiss-a-thon after a couple were told to leave for having a kiss.

Over a dozen people took part in the LGBT protest last night at St Levan’s Inn to show their support for Law student Dylan Morris and LSE undergrad Darren Barnett, who were branded “revolting”  by the landlord for kissing in his pub.

Outside the pub, people held signs bearing the infamous Stonewall slogan: “Some people are gay, get over it”.

But the landlord admitted to our reporters it isn’t the first time he has booted out a gay couple, saying he was raised “properly”.

He even told The Tab: “It’s Adam and Eve, not fucking Adam and Steve”.


Gay protest 2

Some of the protesters last night

One member of the demonstration said: “The problem is there is a difference between social politics and legal politics, the law says people cannot discriminate between straight and gay couples kissing in public.

“But in reality that’s not the case, people do look at gay couples kissing with discouraging looks, and this puts huge strain on our relationships.”

Landlord of rival pub The Swallow, Christian, said: “It’s not just about the pub, it’s also about the customers, and their perception of gay relationships.”

But landlord Paul Bodenham insists they weren’t kicked out because they were gay.

Dylan, 20, and Darren, 22,  were asked to leave when they kissed last Friday

Dylan, 20, and Darren, 22, were asked to leave when they kissed last Friday

He told The Tab: “They were playing fucking tonsil hockey right up against the bar infront of us.

“It wasn’t that they were two boys, their behaviour needed to be taken outside.”

Despite the fact the landlord insisted a heterosexual couple would receive the same treatment, he said this was not the first time he had asked a gay couple to leave the pub.

He added: “I asked two marines to leave after they were making out under the TV.

“My mum raised me and my brothers and sisters properly, she told us stories about Adam and Eve, not fucking Adam and Steve.”



Surprisingly, several people defended Paul’s actions.

A barmaid said: “My employer is in no way homophobic.

“His tenant is gay and so are most of the ladies’ darts team here. The whole thing has been blown out of proportion.”