Uni left red faced as anti-cheating signs reveal answers to maths exam

Poster designed as cheating deterrent manages to give away equations needed to answer maths paper

A poster designed to curb cheating has embarrassed uni staff after it gave away answers to a maths exam.

The signs that can be seen all over exam halls, were meant to warn off cheats, but have in fact helped students in one maths exam – by providing the equations needed to solve the questions.

In a shocking Tab exclusive, we have discovered a Reddit user who used the posters to get extra marks in an exam that took place in Nancy Astor Sports hall.

Double-crossing poster

The highly ironic poster that’s plastered all over the walls in several exam halls at Plymouth Uni was spotted by “hazzaap123”, who uploaded the photo straight onto the sharing website.

The familiar photo was captioned: “Just took a maths final with this on the wall of the exam room. It has formulas on that were needed in the exam. This poster got me an extra 10% on the paper”.

Reddit upload

Comments below the photo confirm the picture originates from and refers to an exam taken in Nancy Astor Sports hall. 

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 12.09.16

Other commenters have expressed their scepticism, suggesting that the post is “Bullshit” and that they are “Highly dubious”.

"bullshit" One even remarked on the irony of hazzaap123’s use of a phone, something which the poster also prohibits.

The picture was uploaded around 7 o’clock on the 1st of May and was news to the university when we called and asked them for a statement. 

In reply to our questions, the uni has provided this response:

“The posters used to remind students of the dangers of cheating contained official stock imagery, which included genuine mathematical formulae. They were located in the exam hall at a distance where the individual formulae would not have been observable by any student taking their exam.

Furthermore, the poster pictured in the Twitter feed was located outside of the exam hall, and would therefore be of limited use to anyone prior to their sitting the exam.

In light of the concerns raised, however, the University has replaced the posters.”

We have also attempted to contact “hazzaap123” but so far, he/she has remained silent. They have also deleted the picture from Reddit.

This article was originally published on The Tab Plymouth.

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