The big DC cruises down in Land Rover for a cheeky look at damaged Dawlish

Prime Minister David Cameron voyaged down to Dawlish on Monday to don some bright orange overalls and a very flattering blue builder’s hat as he inspected the extent of the damage caused to the Dawlish train line.

Contrary to previous reports, Dave has said the government is committed to re-opening the Dawlish line rather than opening or building an alternate route that does not run along the coast.

shiny shiny


As reported yesterday, Network Rail are in favour of opening a route that goes through Okehampton before going through Tavistock, but the PM says that while that is a sensible suggestion, it is not the plan and that we are committed to the coastal line.


His visit is part of his widespread expedition around the storm-ravaged Westcountry, and Dave met with local dignitaries and councillors after his examination of the Dawlish tracks.


Of the wrecked coastal line between Plymouth and Exeter, Cameron said; “It’s an iconic piece of Britain’s infrastructure. It’s an incredibly beautiful stretch. It has its challenges but we are bringing all our resources to bear to make sure it can be up and running, and work for the entire peninsula.”


He also stated that the government are in it “for the long haul” with regards to guaranteeing that the country recovers from the storm devastation, and that “We have to recognise it is going to take time before we get things back to normal.”

We understand Dave – keep up the good work!