Marines punch their way to North Hill ban

Students and Marines bickering again, this time it led to blood.

There was a dramatic start to the evening at North Hill’s popular bar Mousetrap last night, as police were called to deal with a punch up between students and marines at midnight.



A young male student staggered from the bar’s entrance to face shocked onlookers in the queue with blood streaming from his nose and mouth, followed by a friend with a bleeding eye and hordes of crying girls. All he was able to mutter repeatedly was “I don’t know what happened”.

A scuffle then broke out between bouncers and Royal Marines who were kitted out in various raunchy latex numbers and superhero costumes. One weeping female friend of the bloody boys watched the struggle and sniffled: “They [the Marines] are like savages”. 

Elsewhere, another crying girl was told by a more rational friend to “stop being so fucking stupid and quit crying, he hasn’t punched you”. Solid advice.

The bouncers then spent the next 5 minutes attempting to keep the groups apart as the Marines were clearly still gunning for a fight, while the group of bleeding students cowered behind the door staff in fear. One Marine continuously shouted “cunts” in the vague direction of the scared students.

Looks like he is getting a telling off

Looks like he is getting a telling off

While it’s unclear why the fight started, The Tab understands a Marine branded a female student “a slag”, causing her friend to launch a bid to defend her honour, which ultimately ended in bloodshed.

After the police arrived, they were unable to calm one of the Marines who was eventually arrested and placed in the back of a marked car, much to the protest of his buddies.

The police arrived quickly to calm the situation

The police arrived quickly to calm the situation

The rest of the Marine group were then asked to down their drinks and leave, and according to one member of the door staff team will probably “struggle to get into anywhere on North Hill again”.

a large van arrived to take the more aggressive people away

a large van arrived to take the more aggressive people away

Unfortunately for the lads their night would have come to an abrupt end, as the owners of Mousetrap also have links with Air, Cuba, Bang Bang and Bac Bar.

Nobody was going to let them in after the drama at the top of the street.

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