Tinder’s best, worst and most imaginative conversation starters

Struggling for ice breakers on Tinder? We bring you some absolute gems, and some complete failures…

For those of you unfamiliar with the latest craze hitting UK students – Tinder is an app that allows its members to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ photos of fellow users who live within a certain radius of your location. If you like them and they like you, you’re good to go!

But what happens when you find a match? How on earth do you break the ice via message with a total stranger?

Luckily, here at The Tab we have got all the right contacts and have sourced some of the best real life tinder chats for you to get ideas from.

Be warned: contains plenty of cheesy, cringe inducing and racy material.


Funny boys:

Starting with a joke is usually a winner and makes you stand out. Massive potential to go horribly wrong if the other person just doesn’t get it, or if the joke is disgustingly cheesy.





Confident Boys:

A bit of confidence is attractive right girls? Apparently not, cause this guy got no reply.


Poetic Boys:

What woman doesn’t love to be wooed with sweet sweet rhymes?



Bad grammar and minimal effort boy:

As the girl who sent me this put: “if he can’t be bothered to put a ‘g’ on the end of darling, I can’t be bothered to reply”.


Feigning Innocence Boy:

We all know you know exactly what Tinder is about. However, a mutual understanding that you don’t just want to shag something with a pulse can work well.


Boring Boy:

Simply saying hello will get you nowhere. Stand out from the crowd! And never talk about degrees, no one cares.


 AND FINALLY: Slutty slutty girl.

For those of you who think it’s the boys job to break the ice, stop being so old fashioned. But we have found a girl who went about getting conversation started completely the wrong way. Ladies, please – keep it clean!


And for those of you thinking Tinder is just for the heterosexuals out there, here is what one slutty slutty girl sent to another. Again, probably not the best way to start a loving relationship. And scissoring is a myth.


Have you been on Tinder and got yourself a few funny lines? Weird conversation starters?

Email them in to [email protected]

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