Scholarship for Ukranian refugees starting at Oxford

Oxford looks forward to ‘welcoming colleagues from Ukraine into the University of Oxford’

Oxford Univeristy is starting a new scholarship to completely cover course fees for Ukranian refugee graduates.

The students will be able to complete a one year master’s course, with accomodation, food, course and application fees covered in addition to a £7,500 grant for other costs.

Up to 20 students will be able to take advantage of this scheme, and the univeristy will continue to offfer support to Ukranian current students and applicants.

The situation in Ukraine has created immense turmoil which negatively impacts education for many affected students.

This program will allow students to pursue their ambitions, while also helping Ukraine get back on its feet.

Funding will be provided by the univeristy and participating colleges.


Professor Louise Richardson, Oxford’s vice-chancellor, said: “Like others, we have been horrified by the suffering and destruction caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Our community is united in our desire to do something to help. These scholarships represent our effort to provide an opportunity to students and academics whose scholarship has been disrupted by the war. We look forward to welcoming colleagues from Ukraine into the University of Oxford.”

Baroness Jan Royall, the principal of Somerville College and the chair of Oxford’s conference of colleges, said: “The war in Ukraine continues to cause immense suffering and long-term repercussions for those affected. It has been inspiring to see the speed and unanimity with which the colleges have rallied to support this important new programme.

“In time, there will be more for us to do in order to lessen the impact of this terrible war – but this scheme will give Ukrainian students a chance to rebuild their lives now, which is invaluable.”

Oxford Univeristy will begin The Graduate Scholarship Scheme for Ukraine Refugees this September.

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