We’re looking for a whole new editorial team for The Tab Oxford

Lead the team which beat Cambridge in page views

Things have been a little bit quiet at The Tab Oxford recently, so we're looking for a new editorial team to help revamp it.

Formal dinners getting out of control, gossip from Bridge's smoking area about who is getting with who and deciding once and for all which Friends character is your college, have all been missing from our lives – and this needs fixing.

Available positions to bring back The Tab Oxford to its former glory include Editor, News Editor, Features Editor, Fashion Editor, Video Editor and Social Media Editor.

And why should you join when Oxford already offers so many other student publications? The main reason is because we're way more fun than Oxford's current stuffy, archaic student media, which let's face it – no one reads or cares about.

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The main responsibilities for the editorial team include:

– Running weekly meetings for writers, most likely at the pub.

– Communicating daily with Oxford's assistant editor in head office to relay back the latest gossip from the Cowley Road.

– Sniffing out all the news from around campus, and constantly having your ear to the ground for a scoop.

– Commissioning ideas to writers, editing them and publishing on site and Facebook.

– Organising socials, dinners, balls – whatever you do in Oxford to have fun.

The Tab is read by 10 million people globally, and our stories make the nationals every month. We have offices in London and New York, and offer work experience to our best writers here, and at the nationals.

Tab alumni have gone on to work at Vice, Buzzfeed, Sky News, The Telegraph and Vogue to name a few.

If you're interested, email [email protected] with the position you'd like to go for and why you would be good in that role. Alternatively if you're interested in just being a writer, you can sign up here.