Tom McQuillin is the most powerful student in Oxford, according to you

18 beautiful nominees stand before me

The people have spoken. There have been tears, there have been Facebook campaigns, there has even been a fan Instragram account reactivated after two years for this very nomination.  Over 4,600 votes later, one person remains, and that person is…

Tom McQuillin

A well-deserved winner, Tom received 529 votes, putting him at the top of the Oxford Power List 2017. Providing a much-needed social schedule for Freshers, being spokesperson for Varsity Events, and a star footballer into the mix, Tom tops our list for this year.  Long may he continue.

Our winner said: “Thanks to those who voted – it’s quite an honour – see you at Bridge on Thursday to celebrate. Also shout out to Conor for providing such a beautiful mugshot for a couple of hours.”

Honourable mention goes to Hamish Smeaton with 494 votes, with by far the most fanatic and present online fanbase. When approached for comment on his achievement, Hamish asked: “Does the runner up still win any alcohol?”, proving himself worthy of a podium spot.

This is how you get a campaign going


Remaining results were as follows:

3rd Place: Rosie Coleman Collier (467)

4th: Josh McStay (425)

5th: David Kim (401)

6th: Ella Harding (346)

7th: George Penny (284)

8th Harry Forbes (248)

9th: Simon Jagoe (232)

10th: Alex Curtis (202)

11th: Oliver Skan (191)

12th: Paul Ostwald (159)

13th: Imogen Learmonth (133)

14th: Chris Zabilowicz (129)

15th: Redha Rubie (110)

16th: Kathryn Cole (96)

17th: Laali Vadlamani (82)

18th: Antony Petrenco (79)

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