The Oxford University area voted 80 per cent Remain in the EU referendum

One of the most Remain areas in the UK

New data released on the BBC website shows that central Oxford areas overwhelmingly voted Remain in the EU referendum, with 80% of votes being to stay in the EU. The data released shows the spread of referendum votes across wards, offering a more targeted view of voting across the country.

This is comparison to Blackburn Leys and other estates on the south edge of the city, who voted to leave with a slim majority of 51%.

The Oxford University area comprises the central area of the city, containing the colleges, university buildings, and a large proportion of student accommodation. However, it should be noted that some wards include postal votes in these figures: these are randomly allocated, and so may cause some variation in local data. However, regional and national trends may still be accurately deduced.

Look at all those stats

The Oxford data will come as little surprise when compared nationally, where it’s demonstrated there’s a strong positive correlation between the percentage of graduates and the number of leave votes. Areas with a high student population due to concentrated student accommodation tended to vote Remain, even in areas which predominantly voted Leave.

Other notable university wards which voted Remain include:

Radford and Park, Nottingham (68%)

Carholme, Lincoln (63%)

Drake, Plymouth (56%)

Truro and Falmouth, Cornwall (53%)

These wards were notable in regions which had a majority Leave vote.

Oxford still couldn’t beat Cambridge to the highest percentage of Remain votes, however: the Market Square ward in Cambridge, also an area with a high proportion of colleges and university buildings, had the highest percentage of Remain votes in the country at 87.8%. Yet another way for the rivalry to continue?