Sexual assault charges dropped against Christ Church student

The national papers called him a ‘sex pest’

A Christ Church student who was arrested in September for sexual assault is said to be relieved that the charges have been dropped.

The 23-year-old who is “notable on the Oxford politics scene” was arrested for an alleged sex attack by police on the Christ Church Meadow at 6:00 am on September 20th.  Originally arrested for ABH and sexual assault, both charges have now been let go by the CPS. He is not currently in a position of power in any society at the university.

The student – who had previously been described as an S&M fanatic and a sex pest by The Sun – said he was ” terribly relieved”. He told The Tab: “The police have concluded their investigations into the allegations against me and will not be pursuing any further action.

“This is a huge weight off my mind and I’m keen to return to study and start rebuilding my life. Hopefully now the police have established the truth this is an opportunity for her to rebuild her life as well. This whole experience has been incredibly destructive, and I am very grateful for the competence, compassion, and integrity of the police in resolving it.”