Christ Church’s Hogwarts dining room bursts into flames! Not really

The devilishly handsome Tom Ames takes us through the pyromaniacal event

In the early afternoon of Saturday 12th November, a fire started in the famous Christ Church Dining Hall. Fire and Rescue Services dispatched several fire trucks and support vehicles to contain the blaze, while those eating and working the in the Hall were swiftly evacuated. We thought we’d lost everything

The problem arose just before 2pm, as a result of an electrical fault in a hot cupboard. These cupboards are used in the Christ Church Dining Hall to keep the food warm in Hall before it is served, but the flames did not spread from the equipment throughout the wood-panelled hall. No serious damage was done to the famous building.

Christ Church’s hall, built in the 1520s, is renowned throughout the world as the inspiration for the Harry Potter franchise’s Hogwarts Dining Hall. The steps leading up to the Christ Church Hall are also the location of iconic scenes in the billion-dollar series. In addition to its contributions to popular culture, the building retains great historical value. Its roof beams were built by Henry VIII’s chief carpenter, and its walls are lined with portraits of famous figures from Cardinal Wolsey to Prime Minister William Gladstone. Imagine, all of this rich history, up in flames just for someone’s dinner.

The fire was contained and extinguished by a quick reaction from the Hall’s staff, and by 4pm there was little trace of the issue apart from the haze of smoke lingering around the structure.

Despite the lack of damage to the Hall, Harry Potter fans from across the globe expressed concern about the beloved building. “I am really worried about the reports of smoke coming from the Hogwarts Dining Hall”, said Matt Phillips, of Sydney, Australia. “It looks like someone is tampering with the Goblet of Fire again.”

Students from Christ Church are relieved that the Hall is safe, and are temporarily eating their meals in other locations around the college while the situation is assessed.