Pamela Anderson at Oxford Union: Donald Trump’s comments about women are ‘absolutely sick’

‘We’re living in a culture where women are portrayed as just a sexual plaything’

Former Playboy cover girl, actor, and activist Pamela Anderson has hit out at Donald Trump’s remarks about women as ‘absolutely sick’.

The former Baywatch star condemned the Republican candidate’s recently leaked comments, which he dismissed as ‘locker room talk’, during a speech highlighting the dangers of porn addiction.

Speaking as part of an unusual alliance, alongside orthodox Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, to Oxford University students, Pamela told of the shocking treatment she’s received from men throughout her life. She said: “I was completely offended, like everybody else, and I don’t like the way he said it was just locker room behaviour because I don’t believe that’s true of the men who do speak that way.”

The pair, who are calling for a ‘sensual revolution’ as they say porn is numbing sex lives and blocking real human connections, were quizzed by students at the prestigious university.

Rabbi Shmuley said: “Our president is also going to have an impact on your lives – because our president will be the leader of the free world, and it’s so embarrassing that our republic can produce such an embarrassing presidential race. Trump’s comments about women are downright shocking. Shocking and astonishing.

“We’re living in a culture where women are portrayed as just a sexual plaything. I reject Trump’s portrayal of machismo, of the ‘real man’ is the man who dominates women. Donald Trump has shown an inability or a difficulty in apologising or demonstrating weakness.”

After telling the packed audience that she was raped and abused by men, Pamela added: “I see my friends and how they talk about women, it’s kinda difficult. But I think Trump’s words are absolutely sick. It’s terrible and I’ve heard other men speak that way, even about me, and it cannot be swept under the rug.

“It’s got to stop, you’ve got to have respect for women, behind closed doors, around women and around men.”

The 49-year-old model addressed comments that she could be seen as hypocritical speaking out against porn, after a video of her and ex Tommy Lee was leaked online. Pamela said: “Someone took ten tapes and spliced it together. It was stolen and I wouldn’t accept a dime for it – it was dirty money.

“I think it’s much sexier if we keep ourselves to ourselves.”

She says porn is becoming a problem when you have a “woman lying in bed in lingerie but a man would rather watch porn” after an exe’s addiction was so bad, he watched the explicit videos instead of initiating sex with her.

She said: “It is not fine to be slapped, called a whore and spat on – it’s sick, it’s hurtful, it’s demeaning and it’s terrible, terrible sex.

“10-year-olds are watching porn and that’s how they’re learning how to make love.”