Tuesday Lola’s is Oxford’s most underrated night

Embrace the tiki paradise

We know what you’ve heard about it; a small, underground club with very little to offer those who love a big night out at a Bridge Thursday. But wait before you rule out a Tuesday night at Lola’s, its got a lot more to offer.

With its unashamedly Hawaiian tiki vibe, a visit on a Tuesday will get you some of the cheapest drinks in Oxford with £1 Jägerbombs – who wouldn’t take advantage of that after a Monday and Tuesday slaving over an essay? If you’re feeling classy you could even go for £2.95 cocktail.

It may be small, but who wants to be on an empty Atik cheese floor dancing alone to S Club 7, when they could be in a packed Lola’s listening to some of JB’s new bangers? With the three small dance floors on different levels there’s no risk of losing your friends and you can chill with a cocktail or dance the night away.

Almost anywhere else you go, by 1am the club is starting to empty and the vibe disappears, but the intimate atmosphere at Lola’s means it stays feeling full until closing. And for all those hipsters who wouldn’t dare be seen dancing to anything so mainstream as Taylor Swift, don’t kid yourself, when you get there you’ll be hooked like we all are and that snapback will be gone before you know it. 

A bad Saturday night there can put you off for good, but a Tuesday night when the DJ’s dropping tunes by Beyoncé, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and JB all night, there’s absolutely no excuse not to be getting yourself down there. A Tuesday night out is an essential after a quiet spell after Wahoo on Friday, Lola’s kicks off the week in style and sets you up for the week ahead.

I can’t be the only one who dreads the cold walk to Bridge, Atik, Wahoo and Plush – Lola’s is in the heart of Oxford, which means you can stay until close and get home early enough for those 9ams the next day. Maybe not. Also, I for one relish the thought of not taking a coat and saving the £2 for the cloakroom for some cheesy chips on the way home instead. And with the price of drinks it’s a much cheaper night out.

So stop hating on Lola’s before you’ve given a Tuesday night a try – it’s ten times better than the overrated Bridge, the empty Atik or the dingy Purple Turtle.