Oxford Medics protest outside the RadCam

They joined thousands of other junior doctors protesting across the country

Nearly 100 Oxford medics protested on Broad Street yesterday against the government’s planned changes to junior doctors’ contracts.

They joined thousands of strikes taking place yesterday across the country to protest against Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, whose proposed contract sees changes as dramatic as cutting unsociable working hours, and their extra pay, by 25 per cent.


Miranda Stoddart, third year Medic, said: “There’s a good turnout, of medical students, doctors, and members of the public. I’d say the main reason I attended was because I think it was important to show support to the junior doctors striking, and also demonstrate that I don’t support contract proposals that put the NHS, doctors and patients at risk.”


Alex Hinkson, a sixth year Medic, added: “I actually had a wave of sadness when I walked past the protest picket line this morning because it shouldn’t have to come to this, but if this is the only way that we can get the message across, then so be it.

“Hunt’s mission to dismantle the NHS and demonise junior doctors is misguided and damaging. His repeated misrepresentation of data surrounding weekend admissions has caused a dangerous shift of perception of weekend service provision, with numerous accounts of patients who have postponed their admission and died as a result.

“His refusal to negotiate the proposed terms of the contract with the BMA demonstrate his unwillingness to co-operate and accept the evidence-based objections to his proposals. The new proposed contract is unsafe for doctors and patients as it reduces disincentives for increasing working hours, leaving doctors tired, which in turn affects patient safety.”

The next national strike for junior doctors is due to take place on 26th January and to last 48 hours.