Oxford is the third most sexually active university town in the UK

We’re hornier than you think

Oxford is the third horniest university town in the UK, with 1,389 daily visitors on free casual sex site ShagAtUni.com.

The site was launched in 2012 and now has over 100,000 users who can create a profile and contact other members for free.

Oxford follows Nottingham at first place with 1,477 daily visitors, and Leeds at second place with 1,410.

Universities such as Exeter, Cardiff and Preston ranked lower, with 611, 609 and 602 daily users respectively.


However, other Russell Group universities such as Durham, St. Andrews and York didn’t make the list at all.

Jack Elliott, a third year at York, said: “It’s probably because nobody finds Northerners sexy. They forget to wash and they drink too much gravy.

“I’m not surprised that Oxford is third either. People don’t go out as much there so they don’t have as much chance to blow off steam.”