Alan Rickman is starring in a video of a tortoise to raise money for charity

It’s all for a shellfless cause

Film star Alan Rickman, famous for roles in the likes of Harry Potter and Love Actually, is now featuring in a charity video about a tortoise.

The video is launched by OneClickGiving, an Oxford student-run charity initiative and part of Oxford RAG.

The 30 second film intends to use the power of social media and YouTube advertising to raise money for the ongoing refugee crisis.

“This Tortoise Could Save a Life”, will be launched worldwide and takes advantage of YouTube passing advertising revenue to whoever uploads a video to the site.

OneClickGiving uses this model to raise money for two charities, Save the Children & Refugee Council.

The more shares the video gets, the more money raised.

Founder Oliver Philips says: “I really hope this video goes viral. It is a really innovative project for a really important cause.

“We hope to find companies who might be willing to match the funds we make.

“Save the Children works around the world, with Refugee Council primarily helping refugees living in the UK.

“OneClickGiving therefore helps refugees globally, whilst providing support to those in need at home.

“Our charities are two of the most effective at helping refugees, who desperately need your support.

“OneClickGiving is a new way of giving to charity. All you need to do is watch and share.”