Street Stylin’: Who’s the best dressed of Trinity so far?

We’re looking great, despite everything


We’re halfway through term kids, and too many of you are looking gr9 atm. Regardless, here it is, a round up of the most stylish señors and señoritas of the first half of Trinity 2015.


Amalyah, Keble College.

She’s just generally pretty cool isn’t she? Making edgy look effortless in Nike’s, suede and Mom-jeans. Nice1 m9.


Ellen, St. John’s College.

Orthopaedics on point and gr8 gingham. Summery vibez.


Emily, Oriel College.

Ready for clay pigeon shooting on Daddy’s estate and brunching with the girlies. Oh so English.

[But get that fucking Cambridge satchel out of Oxford. Shoe the Tabs.]


Jack, St. Hugh’s College.

Channelling his inner Macklemore in Timberlands and suede coat. Maybe ditch the lanyard, but nevertheless, solid effort, 6/10.


Image 1

George, Oriel College.

Werkin’ the double denim combo and lumberjack shirt. Classic Toriel and their Chelsea boots. Rah, darling, rah.


Sarah, Corpus Christi College.

Totally Rad(Cam). Orange is definitely the new black.


Emma, Queen’s College.

Luvin’ the charity-shop-chic featuring embroidery and corduroy. Boho babe.


Scott, St John’s College.

Unleashing his inner middle-aged man, complete with cable knit, stubble and newspaper under the arm.

N.B: Yes, I know this was taken in a quad, but we don’t conform to your narrow conceptions of Street Style.

Well done for wasting three minutes of revision time reading this article, now get back to work.