FA$HUN: How to nail summer 2015 vibes

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edgy fashion

It’s sunny days and bucket hats. It’s a pair of fresh crepes and smoking rollies in the park. 

Welcome to summer 2015 and our guide of how to out-edge your mainstream friends.


Acquire some sort of oversized men’s bomber jacket (either silk or suede work nicely). Bonus points if it still smells faintly of the original owner’s sweat.IMG_4041


A common alternative to the bomber is the 90s nylon windbreaker. These jackets are frequently seen on the students of Bristol, in a garish assortment of neon colours. Very Fresh Prince.


Pair one of the aforementioned with a crochet garment for good measure. There is supposedly something cutting edge about wearing clothing your grandmother lovingly crafted.

Those ‘garms’ are indeed of a very ‘wavey’ nature.


If you’re going for a more casual, daytime look, you might instead don some sort of faded t-shirt embellished with the logo of a baseball team or band that you’ve never actually heard of (NB: proceed with caution. This plan could wreak havoc if someone were to engage you in conversation about said t-shirt. Speaking from experience).

So edgy she listens to bands that don’t exist yet.

So edgy she listens to bands that don’t exist yet


Sporting the freshest crepes is also of paramount importance. To be edgy perhaps invest in a pair of New Balance, or if you’re feeling particularly controversial, vintage Adidas. The dirtier, the edgier. Gone are the days when people took pride in having clean shoes.

#edgyroam. Chortle, chortle. Oxford banter.



Moving onto accessories, hats of all shape and size are back in fashion. The bucket hat is particularly popular among the indiest of individuals. This is the hat your mother made you wear on the beach when you were five to protect you from sunburn. Nevertheless, having come this far, why not go all out. This is indeed, the pièce de résistance.

This chica probably hates rivers because they are too main-stream. Budumbumtshh.


Renewal vintage denim is also pretty indie. Mum jeans, full-length dungarees and a plethora of rips and you will be hot to trot, ready to canter away to your natural habitat of Cowley. If you end up looking like a farmer during the credit crisis, you have nailed it my friend.

So indie I got burnt by my coffee because I drank it before it was cool.


And a final word of advice: NEVER shop at high street brands. Ever. Stick to the lanes, both Brick and Brighton.

So kids, it’s pretty simple. Gather together an assortment of second-hand clothing. Put on as many random items as possible, at once. Roll around in the dirt for a bit (optional but advisory), and you are ready to rumble. Ironically, having followed this article, you will probably all dress the same. Not so avant-garde now, are you?