Varsity special: The ultimate ski trip dress guide

For those that haven’t started packing yet

The coaches may be leaving in a few hours but that’s still plenty of time to be strategic about what you bring, in case, you know, it does end up snowing.

It is potentially fashion’s most troubling paradox: is it really possible to look stylish whilst keeping cosy? Well, sort of. Here’s a short guide on how to look as good as is humanly possible in an environment which requires you to look like a fat penguin wearing goggles.

Post-helmet headwear

Helmet hair: the undisputed enemy of all skiers (apart from the bald ones obvs). It is the cost of a safe ski-trip, and not even covered by insurance. Fortunately, considering the latest hat trends, the solution is simple, and you’ll have no excuse not to be wearing something chic on that sweaty little head of yours.

Knitted hats are a definite staple. Yeah, they won’t get you much attention, but they will certainly keep you warm and your greasy roots hidden. Fortunately for the unoriginal amongst us, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Giles have re-introduced the beanie back for this season, so, if you really have to, go for that option- it’s an icy environment after all, so make the most of the only acceptable opportunity (EVER) to be wearing one. Just please do not get too used to it because they are bloody annoying.

My absolute favourite for hat-hair coverage, however, is the fur option. It is the reigning champion of winter. What makes this choice even better is that Thornton Bregazzi and Dolce & Gabbana have brought in the fluffy ear-flaps too for AW 2014, so it’s actually stylistically acceptable now to be keeping not just your head toasty, but, in fact, your little ears too.


Cosy is key. But so is looking at least average-good (the only possible range in sub-zero temperatures, surely.) So, it’s important to wrap up in something relatively glamorous for both slope and après-ski activities.

Luckily for us, there is something weirdly sexy about the latest trends in ski-jackets this Winter, as Moncler has revealed with the sci-fi edge they’ve incorporated into their designs. It’s like Star-trek meets extreme sports. Metallic is always a fun option, especially since silver is normally a pretty tricky thing to pull off, but will always be snazzy on the slopes.

Guilty as charged

White has, however, got to be the undisputed winner of the ski-wear style stakes. There is, frankly, something inexplicably beautiful, and fabulously feminine, about a simple white clothes-piece; not to mention the guts it takes to wear. Surely, skiing would be the perfect (and most practical) time to give it a try? After all, you’re not going to get it too dirty when you fall. This AW, Saint Laurent has broken the boundaries of glamour and played dangerously with glitter, often tacky and spoiling, whacking it over whites – and it really does work. So rock that on the red run and you’ll definitely be best in show.


Base layers

If you’re going to pull on Varsity, it is true you might want to be ready for anything. Unfortunately, base layers are about as unsexy as my big toe, so I’m not sure what to suggest for this one. You’ll just have to accept the fact that underneath your glamorous façade, you look like a loser.


There we have it then. It’s a tricky one to pull off, but fashion and warmth are not mutually exclusive (though considering there’s no snow around at the moment you’ll probably not be having much of a problem with that anyway). Don’t fret – it will be possible to look good skiing in Tignes this Varsity (if it does in fact happen), which, if you’re as shit at skiing as I am, will be supremely important considering you’ll be spending most of the time with your head in the snow.