Shitlist: Week eight

Be strong, it’s nearly over. And avoid the following:

Cherwell Conservatives FOMO Journalism OUCA oxford Oxmas park end Pizza Pre-lash Print media Varsity Club

Cherwell recruitment

‘great’ ‘friends’

Though they invited us to the OxStu–Cherwell crewdate this term, we’re still bitter about Trinity. And why write for a baby-broadsheet (#printisdead) when the Tab itself is recruiting? That said, they are offering great new friends

When: Monday
Where: Cherwell HQ (St Aldates)
Details: Here

OUCA Pizza, Pre-lash, and Park End


We’ll let this post-script speak for itself: Please note attendance at this event is only allowed to members who have done 12 or more hours campaigning or OUCA-organised social activism over the course of the term. Enticing.

When: Wednesday
Where: tbc
Details: Here

The end of term  

When: Now
Where: Everywhere
Details: : (

PLAY @ Camera


Someone decided it would be a good idea to invite a load of “influential” people in Oxford to an “exclusive” invite only night at Camera, charge them £10 for entry and brand it as “Mayfair comes to Oxford”. Dont worry though, DJ Maynline’s playing.

We’d actually rather go to Park End.

When: Wednesday night
Where: Camera
Details: It’s invite only, lol