The Guardian have made an interpretive dance about PPE

I don’t get it

Guardian national PPE video

Quinoa quaffers at The Guardian have choreographed an interpretive dance about PPE.

The “microplay” is a collaboration with the Royal Court Theatre and features absolutely no words.

It’s just a bunch of politicians aggressively gesturing towards the general public in a bizarre attempt at a metaphor for the financial crisis.

The dance is supposed to represent “the public struggle to keep in step with politicians during the fallout of the financial crisis.”

Students of Oxford’s world famous degree, renowned for training future politicians, are baffled by the play.

One fresher told The Tab: “I’m not entirely sure what the point of it is.

“Is it having a go at us? And what exactly is a ‘microplay’ anyway?”

And another said: “I can’t remember being taught those hand gestures in lectures – maybe we do that next term in politics?”


Others weren’t impressed either. Second year historian Mark Burry said: “It’s like my dad tried to make an Apple advert.

“Tim Price wrote this and he’s normally quite good – what did those liberals at The Guardian do to him?”

But some understood it, a theologian said: “Well, that’s pretty much what you PPEists look like anyway.”