Best Dressed Clubbers: Week six

Lots of animal prints and fur

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from this week’s club photos it’s that Movember needs to end. Bumfluff should only be on show to the consenting. Keep it off your face, lads.

In other news, week six club trendz were all over the animal print and Arctic vibes – at least you’ve always got your faux fur Jack Wills gilet to keep you warm on that cold Oxford night…

Kudos for dedication to the cult of the leopard.

Because a black bow tie is just too boring. Rawr.

A shearling aviator and a shite shirt and sports tie together in harmony. Oxford diversity is alive.

Giving Kate a run for her money – creating baby fever wherever she goes and that crown would outclass any future queen.

The lady on the left shows us how to work the graphic print while the lady on the right demonstrates the art of passing wind gracefully.

An ironic Cellar? No. Fucking. Way.

Self-fulfilling prophetic snapback – clearly someone’s got the munchies.

Those suspenders tho

Can’t go wrong in matching monochrome.

This girl knows she nailed it with the school-girl chic contrasted with a daring metallic skirt.

Arctic fashion straight from the North Pole. ’cause baby it’s cold outside..