We’ve hidden five condoms in the Rad Cam

Find one to win free entry and queue jump to Bridge tonight, and a ticket to the official Varsity Match after party

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The Oxford Tab has teamed up with Bridge Thursdays to offer free entry and queue jump to five lucky winners this evening. Those who find condoms will also win to the Varsity match after party.

To win, all you have to do is find one of the five condoms we’ve hidden in the Rad Cam.

a veritable golden ticket

If you find one, send us a pic of you with it, and you’re sorted for the night.

We’re not expecting you to go in blind, so check out the clues below for some help.

Condom in a haystack

Location one

Get your PCAS on

Need to do a bit of scanning in the Lower Camera?

Take a peek underneath the copiers and sort your night out.

bloody near here

Location two

“Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind” – John F Kennedy

Think Niall Ferguson, think Upper Gladstone Link.

JZ 6369 HUM 2011 / JZ 6385 FER 2006 may help.

bleak (and on the right)

Location three

Lost in space

We’re fans of Local History and you should be too.

Take a trip down to the Lower Link, have a look between KL 610 LOND & KL 610 TOT and you’re laughing.

The corridors of power

Location four

Toilet humour

Passing people awkwardly on the stairs down to the loos is one of our favourite past times, so we hid one here to make sure you can too!

It’s somewhere in the picture below.

Stairway to Heaven

Location five

Aim high

The picture is all you need

Efficient organisation

When you find one, drop us a message on Facebook or email [email protected] to claim your prize.

Happy hunting.