Carbon nightclub is closing

First Babylove, now Carbon: are we seeing the death of Oxford nightlife?

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Carbon, one of Oxford’s favourite nightclubs, is set to close after the weekend.

Oxford clubbers have the chance to experience the dark and sweaty floors of Carbon one last time this Saturday, when the club will hold their final night, Rave 2 the Grave.

Carbon – RIP

On the event page, Carbon’s owners said: “So, we are afraid to say that time has come …. as some of you may be aware, Carbon Nightclub is soon to close forever…”

“We would like to thank EVERYONE who ever supported the venue or the club nights during their time with us.”

Student response was mixed. Some freshers were unaware that Carbon even existed. Shakeel Hashim, a first-year at Keble, said: “What’s Carbon?”

Lucy Clarke, a student at Regent’s Park college, said: “I didn’t even know Carbon was a thing until I helped run a club night there.”

A classic night at Carbon

Thea Murray-Jones said: “I bet the owners of Cellar are ecstatic – they now have a complete monopoly over central Oxford house and techno.”

Other students expressed regret at the passing of one of their favourite haunts.

Rory Cox, a second-year, said: “With Carbon gone, where are we going to have all the really cool, alternative nights like Bloody Knuckles and LoveShy?”

English student Andrew Dickinson said: “The Funktion-One sound system, the smoking area, the three floors and slippy stairs: I’m going to miss it terribly.”

The end of an era

Over the years Carbon has played host to student and town nights alike.

Sources suggest that it will be converted into a strip club.

Third-year Daniel Robert said: “I wonder whether a nightclub or a strip club is a more attractive prospect to the Oxford student body. I know which one I’d prefer.”