VIDEO: Sir Ian McKellen goes full Gandalf on queuing students

Actor shouts “you shall not pass” at those waiting to hear him speak


Lord of the Rings fans got a surprise from Gandalf himself outside the Oxford Union today.

Ian McKellen’s appearance at the Union this evening led to queues of over two hours.

The event was massively oversubscribed, with many left unable to get in due to the hordes of students there to see Gandalf in the flesh.

Those left disappointed did see a silver lining however. The world famous actor appeared before the waiting students, apologised that they wouldn’t be able to attend and delivered his famous line from Lord Of The Rings: “You shall not pass!”

The cheering fans were certainly pleased with this small morsel of excitement.

One PPE student said “He made me feel like the happiest person ever – it was worth the two hour wait!”

“I’m glad he had to courtesy to come out and talk to us, given that the Union made us stand outside for two hours and didn’t tell us we weren’t getting in,” reported another Geography student.

The event raises questions of how the Union operates – with hundreds of fans turned away after queuing for hours, should the Union be looking into a ticketing system, or some similar provision?

Skip to 0:25 for the famous words