How to wear an iconic camel coat

Don’t drown in all the beige

A camel coat is probably the one item of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe that is as iconic as a Chanel 2.55 Flap bag.

This warm, butter-soft and deliciously caramel-hued piece of outerwear is something every girl (and style conscious boy) should have. Bonus points if its a vintage Max Mara find.

However, camel coats can be intimidating for the uninitiated – my grandma wears one and for a long time they seemed reserved for middle and old age.

Fear not, here we have four incredible ways to wear this coat, and will no doubt tempt you into finding your own. A look for every kind of style means that a camel coat will soon become the most versatile piece of clothing you own.

The key, however, is to pair it with at least one statement element to avoid blandness – bright coloured pieces serve this purpose best.

Sports luxe

Or, as ManRepeller’s Leandra Medine so rightfully coined, “elevated sportswear”. Elevate your sportswear or relax your coat – the choice is yours but whatever you choose, this definitely works.

Roll up the cuffs of your jeans to show some ankle cleavage and go for brightly coloured footwear for that extra pop of colour on a dreary autumn day.

The Parisian

The cult classic outfit of trench coat and blue jeans and striped top is now upgraded for A/W. Simply exchange the trench for a camel coat and carry on with your French ways.

Patterns are also in this season, so throw some tartan in there to remind yourself of your true heritage as well as for the obvious warmth factor.

The Dressing Gown

Any good coat when worn should feel like a seamless transition from your dressing gown – and if you style it this way, it almost is! Don’t know what to wear but you have to wear something? Choose a well-tailored camel coat and let the simplicity shine through the classic cut.

Thrown over a slip dress with tights and gloves, feel free to add an abundance of pearls for a full Holly Golightly look.

The Winter Whites

Wearing white jeans in the winter has generally been frowned upon, but fashion is too fluid to categorise clothing into adequate seasons.

So here are some white jeans teamed with a giant cream jumper and holographic sneakers – if you can’t afford diamonds to shine light on to your face, you’ve got to find alternatives, right? For extra chic-ness and nonchalance, wear your coat on your shoulders.

Word of caution: avoid public transport and generally moving anywhere, as every spec of city dirt will now be visible and attract itself like a magnet to all the white.

So here you have it, four days, four ways for ultimate camel coat chic.