Best Dressed: Freshers’ week

We’re back. Have you dressed to impress?

Amongst the sea of freshers’ t-shirts, undoubtedly some better than others, we pulled out some actually well-dressed clubbers. It was hard.

Anyway, we bring you the next instalment of your favourite feature, making Oxford dress better one article at a time.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”, right?

Theme or no theme (the theme was ‘When in Rome’ actually), congrats on not wearing crop tops

Same theme, different interpretation. This guy is no white-toga-wearing pleb either.

These girls did not get the memo on crop tops being out of fashion already but a round of applause for choosing abstract structured shorts instead of a basic skirt/denim cut offs/disco pants

Perhaps it’s not Wahoo-appropriate attire, but we must give the guy on the right credit for looking so put together (almost as if he just stepped out of the Rad Cam…)

We can never decide if we love or hate multicoloured hair. For now, love.

Ignore the face; marble print is still as fab as ever (or maybe the editor is just biased)

Whistles made all things silver in last season, we say it’s still great for clubbing (just try not to blind anyone)

Quite literally ‘borrowed from the boys’. But maybe try bow ties next time, they’re cuter

We keep going on about velvet jackets but they’re just so LUSH