Oxford Fashion Week Casting Call: The wannabes and the ‘should be’s

A rundown of who will and who should be at the OFW model castings


Considering Oxford’s (predictable) model behaviour, we don’t even need to attend the casting call to know who will be strutting the runways this year.

Preparation for this year’s OFW is well underway with the press launch behind us, tickets on sale and casting happening in a few days. Check out our list of who probably will and definitely should be in this year’s Fashion Show.


You work that paddle

No one does Oxford fashion and dapper old man suits quite like Clements St. Church poster boy, Adam. Modeling at OFW each year since he moved to town, he could be seen everywhere from the Benefactor Fashion Show, OxStu shoots and Tab shoots, he’s definitely gotten around…the fashion block and is always keen to strike a pose. If nothing else, brownie points for commitment and working the colourful trousers.


Ariel Sydney


Nothing screams ‘dedicated’ quite like your own Facebook fan page and this rising model has already made her own. A versatile girl, from androgynous Industry covers to cobalt headpieces and vintage threads, we’re not sure there’s a look this runway veteran hasn’t tried to pull off.


Leah Hendre

Leah, right, works the grandma chic

We know she’s currently studying abroad, but this girl can keep it fierce even in the wild. The self proclaimed part time model and photographer has already served as Fashion Ed of the Cherwell, OFW model as well as regularly lent her face to aspiring photographers in the area for her growing portfolio. Distance ain’t a thing for this dedicated fashionista. We’re predicting (/hoping for) an international Skype conference catwalk special.


Ollie Antcliff

Master of the man pout and guarder of the Missing Bean; no one pulls off a full face of makeup quite like him – Kim K take note.

…Wait, does he even still go here?


Romain Reglade

Epitome of effortless French style

Romain, pulling off the French accent and mismatched prints better than you since birth. We’ve had enough of our favorite photographer behind the scenes. Time for our French boi to strut his stuff. He has our vote!


Otamere (Tam) Guobadia


It wouldn’t be a show without Oxford’s fiercest but OFW runways have not been graced with his presence yet. Past experience includes: strutting down the Benefactor runway and on the way to Plush (as well as a sprinkle of articles on this very site).

We can only hope for an audition this year to bring some much needed sass to the stale shows.


LJ Trup, aka the OUSU Prez

You do you, Louis

What’s a Tab article without at least one stereotypical BNOC .

…also who better to represent Oxford fashion than the ruler of the kingdom himself. New Tab policy: if LJ won’t wear it, we don’t care about it.


This whole ginger crewdate

Because, gingers.


Professor Andrew Hamilton

Was your black suit in the wash?

Oxford’s VC is a bit like Wally. Never around and then when you least expect it, he’s wearing something that hurts your eyes.

Did we miss your name? Think you’ll make the cut? Audition and prove our list wrong.

Oxford Fashion Week open model castings (no experience necessary) happening October 11th 12-3pm at the Varsity Club, October 12th location TBC, October 13th at Union Hall: Oxford Brookes Uni. Check their Facebook event for more details.