Pembroke revealed as Oxford’s dumbest college in new Norrington Table

LMH rise from flames while Pembroke hold their heads in shame

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This year’s fabled Norrington table has been released, officially revealing that Pembroke is now the university’s dumbest college – and by a country mile.

Pembroke scored a measly 63.14%, their nearest rivals Queen’s nearly 5% adrift. Pembroke, we all know you’re just next door, but maybe a bit less Camera, and a bit more work?

Merton claim the top spot this year having risen from forth, deposing last year’s victors New, while St. John’s, strong as always, move up one place to second.

The gorgeous Worcester rise an impressive eight places to take up the third and final spot on the wanker’s podium.

There’s seismic shifts at the bottom end of the table, where last year’s losers LMH rise to 26th, reclaiming their dignity and their BOPs.

But it’s all nip and tuck down south, with 24-29th all separated by less than a percent.

It might be good news for Exeter, who find themselves mid-table after last year’s shocking second-from-bottom result, but it’s worrying times for Queens and Teddy Hall (falling a shocking 12 places) who drop into the relegation zone.

And like recent A-level results, overall Norrington scores are down across the board from last year. Merton’s top score of 74.70% would only have made fifth on the previous year’s table, and new flops Pembroke have lowered the bar even further, bettering LMH’s 2012/13 score of 64.59% with a disastrous 63.14% this year.

See full results and figures here.