Hotlist: Week 7

The end is nigh

Trans Cinema @ The Picturehouse

Challenge your understanding of gender and identity, then party it up at Babylove

When: Tuesday 7th Week – Tuesday 8th Week

Where: Phoenix Picturehouse

Details: Here

Crave @ Burton Taylor Studio

Deliberately disgusting and unashamedly uncomfortable, get ready for rape, incest, pedophilia, anorexia, drug addiction, mental instability, murder, and suicide

When: Tuesday-Saturday

Where: Burton Taylor Studio

Details: Here

The Future of Collecting @ Freud

Panel discussion with the biggest dogs of the Oxford art world

When: Wednesday

Where: Freud

Details: Here

Cocaine Unwrapped @ St Catherine’s College

Oxford Documentary Society hosts screening with Q&A about the story of Cocaine. Scary stuff

When: Wednesday

Where: St Catherine’s College

Details: Here

They Think It’s All Over @ Carbon

Football-themed fun, with music from ’66 to 2014. Grab your shin-pads and get in cheap

When: Thursday

Where: Carbon

Details: Here

Isis presents Funk and Soul @ The Cellar

Live performances and DJ Sets. Or you could just go to Supermarket

When: Thursday

Where: The Cellar

Details: Here