Shit List: Week 6

Because you don’t deserve fun

Finals @ Examination Schools


When: Ongoing

Where: Examination Schools

Details: Here

Sanctum @ The Varsity Club 

Aggressively pale people in black studs and budget pirate hats, whipping greasy hair and sipping overpriced drinks. Thrash, death and industrial metal from the Gravelord. Cheerful

When: Friday

Where: The Varsity Club

Details: Here

Tolkien Society Readings in the Gardens @ Christ Church

From the society that brought you ‘Cloakmaking’ and ‘Archive Clearout’ (genuinely, tidying a cupboard) comes an evening of alfresco dramatic readings. Let’s hope it rains

When: Friday

Where: Christ Church Gardens

Details: Here

Polo Varsity Match @ Windsor Great Park

Invasion of red trousers from the Other Place. Sponsored by Jack Wills – pretty much sums it up

When: Saturday

Where: Guard’s Polo Club, Windsor Great Park (Road trip!)

Details: Here

One we missed from 5th Week…

 Cherwell and Oxstu Crewdate @ La Tasca

Where the fuck was our invite?

When: Wednesday 5th Week

Where: La Tasca

Details: NFI