NUS vote void!

NUS referendum result declared VOID this evening. Oxford to remain in NUS after allegations of election fraud in referendum

  • OUSU committee overturns result

  • Massive fraud- over 1000 votes FAKED

  • Returning Officer resigns

  • Possible uni investigation

  • Oxford remains in the NUS, for now

  • OUSU pres Tom Rutland “we will still remain in NUS”

Following allegations of MASSIVE voting rigging an OUSU committee has decided overwhelmingly to reject the result of last week’s referendum.

The No campaign, led by Jack Matthews, had reported irregularities during the count. In the investigation that followed it was discovered that HUNDREDS of votes were systemically faked in a widespread fraud.

An OUSU panel, composed of ex officers threw out the result this afternoon just one day after Returning Office Alex Walker resigned. In a statement he said that his position had become untenable.

NUS- not going anywhere for the time being

The No campaign had narrowly ‘won’ the vote. However suspicions arose due to the abnormally high turnout, now known to be the result of ballot stuffing. Both sides’ campaigns had been relatively low profile and the apparent turnout of almost 3,500 notoriously apathetic Oxford students seemed unusual.

OUSU pres Tom Rutland said “I will be bringing a motion to 7th Week OUSU Council to reaffiliate to National Union of Students, given that without 1000+ false ballots for ‘NO’, the result would have been 70-30 YES – a margin of more than 2:1″.

While there is as of yet no allegation that the fraud was malicious or criminal, students at other universities have been expelled when such actions were found to be intentional. Given the serious ramifications for Oxford students of leaving the NUS it cannot be surprising if Oxford’s Proctors Office is considering investigating.