Union Treasurer Charles Malton resigns

Union Officer Charles Malton has reportedly resigned as Union Treasurer

The Oxford Union treasurer, Charles Malton, has reportedly resigned.

Malton is understood to be a second year student at Christ Church college. He had been in the role of Trinity term Treasurer for a little over a fortnight. As Treasurer, he was one of the most senior members of this term’s Union.

In an email sent to officials within the Union, Malton said,

“I am writing with immense sadness to tender my resignation.

Two weeks ago I voted in favour of the Union paying for Ben Sullivan’s legal fees, believing that in doing so I was protecting the Union against rumours rather than what have now transpired to be formal allegations. I later made a speech defending this decision. These decisions were taken in good faith, but I now recognize that they were misguided.

People are innocent until proven guilty and I have every hope that Ben will prove to be innocent. However, the way in which many within the Union have handled this situation over the last few weeks is not behaviour that I would wish to associate myself with, and in which I have played no part. As such I no longer feel comfortable continuing to be involved with this society.

I am saddened that an institution which I have held in such high regard, has become such a toxic environment. I am only sorry that I did not tender my resignation earlier when I first became aware of how the situation was being handled.

I will not be seeking any further office within this organisation so I wish it the very best for the future“.

Mayank Banerjee, President-elect for Michaelmas term, told the Tab on behalf of the Oxford Union, “It fills me with great regret to hear of Charles’ resignation. This has been an emotional time for everyone, and Charles has been a fantastic colleague and friend. The Oxford Union and I wish him all the best for the future”.

His resignation follows that of Librarian Kostas Chryssanthopolous, from St Peter’s college last week, who dramatically quit the Union chamber after making an impassioned speech against the society.