13 things Google knows about Oxford

From lazy student essays to lazy student articles we all know how useful google is, but what can it tell us about Oxford?

So you got some dreadfully dull essay that your Babylove addled brain can’t barely begin to answer; JFGI! Just Fucking Google It. Easy as pie, but is Google your friend? Only one way to check let’s see what it says about Oxford….

“a complete dump”, ouch!
Okay, they could just be talking about Cowley, let’s try the uni

Oof! That’s not much better, well surely Cambridge will do worst?

Oh FFS! Well what about Brookes then?

Right, maybe rely on Google less next essay

No love lost there

In fact we don’t even make google’s list of unis!

Okay let’s try things more Oxford specific, what about our most famous and greatest degree?

A legal requirement eh? Not yet but it can only be a matter of time

How about Oxford’s biggest political and never scandal beset society?

Moving swiftly on before the defamation bus arrives

Atleast it’s got Wadham down to a tee

and Balliol too

but, like everyone, it’s slightly confused about poor old Corpus

Sandwiched between Christ Church and Merton? Can’t get more ghetto than that!

And it’s really confused about rowing.

One thing is for sure however. Even the greatest, most all knowing  thing in existence, still hasn’t a clue what OUSU does