I, Too, Am Oxford: Students Speak out against Racism in Oxford

Hundreds of Oxford students hit the Rad-Cam on Sunday to highlight racial inequality in Oxford.

Oxford has a race problem. That’s not us talking, but the statistics. On Sunday, students of all colours went to the Rad-Cam to highlight the problems that they face, in a protest organised by Skin Deep, the web forum for discussion of racial issues at Oxford.

Anu Henriques, the host of the event, spoke to the Tab explaining that students who aren’t white at Oxford often feel like their problems aren’t heard, and that it’s time to change that.

Citing “I, Too, am Harvard.”as inspiration, she got together with Jahnavi Emmanuel and organised a similar event for Oxford.

“We only had the event page up for about an hour, and we had hundreds of people sign up for it. I was really shocked by the level of support, and I’m glad that I could use this to shed light on an issue that I think is ignored by a lot of people here.”

Anu and Jahnavi explained how they’d like to see this go further, with plans for more events, and maybe even a film, as well as a magazine. Using the example of No Heterox, the new magazine for LGTBQ in Oxford, Jahnavi said that she would love to see more attention being drawn to the issue.

Have you been affected by or convinced today of racism at Oxford? Let us know in the comments below, or email [email protected] if you’d like to share your own story in an article.

Those interested can check out the Skin Deep forum , and for the rest of the photos, head to the I, Too, am Oxford tumblr page