Boat Race Crews Announced

This year’s Boat Race frenzy kicks off with the teams revealed for both Oxford and Cambridge

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Cambridge crews heavier, but less experienced

All three Olympians in dark blue

Oxford disadvantaged by river conditions

Women prepare for last ever separate race

Crews for the 2014 men’s and women’s boat races were weighed and unveiled at a glitzy ceremony in London yesterday, and the Tab was the only Oxford student paper there to cover it. Both Cambridge crews topped the scales; suggesting the Tabs may not be the light blues after all.

All the rowers were ecstatic to have been selected (Getty Images)

However the 2.6kg per man Oxford lack in weight is more than made up for in experience. In the BNY Mellon men’s race four oarsmen from last year’s triumphant dark blue crew will return. Three Olympians make this year’s men’s boat, including gold and silver winning OUBC president Malcolm Howard and Constantine Louloudis, stroke of Britain’s medal winning 8 in the 2012 games.  St Peter’s Karl Hudspith is returning for his fourth consecutive boat race, adding even more depth to an already well rounded Oxford crew

Smiling is a sign of weakness

This year’s floods, which severely disrupted college rowing and cancelled Torpids, have also affected the uni squad. ”We’re a little behind in certain aspects” admitted coach Sean Bowden “but four weeks is a long time to catch up”.

Oriel’s Malcolm Howard certainly doesn’t lack confidence “I believe it would take a truly special crew to beat us”.

The old and grey rush to take pictures of scantily clad young men

This year is a special moment for the two women’s crews, it marks the last time they will race separately from the men. From 2015 full equality will see them race the same historic 4.2 mile course from Putney to Barnes on the same day.

The carpet is light blue and dark blue-geddit?!

The Cambridge women have a weight advantage of 4kg per rower, with Oxford’s training badly affected by exceptional river conditions. Oxford coach Christine Wilson remembered the time “ we found fish were swimming in the boat bays” but praised her squad for being flexible and able to adapt to a changing training schedule.

Oxford won’t be wanting to repeat their 1925 performance

Three returning rowers from last year’s victorious women’s dark blue crew add a strong strand of experience and with five wins from the last six racss against Cambridge, Oxford can be forgiven for remaining confident.

Questions were raised by this reporter about the accuracy of the scales used in the weigh in

We’ll be bringing you all the news of the boat race here first. Check back for all your boat race news and interviews!