In Defence of #NekNoms

You thought the whole Nek Nom business was going to blow over but it hasn’t quite yet and this is why.

The obvious point that a lot of people jump on is a sort of Malthusian ideology where necking and nominating has become a new way of eliminating unworthy boozers from the gene pool.

In a society where the old classics of war and pestilence aren’t enough anymore natural selection has to act through people jumping into rushing rivers after strawpedoing a bottle of absinthe or setting themselves on fire after snorting some Charlie in between downing their own piss.

Basic Malthus

But we shouldn’t down play the demonstrations of creativity that we’ve been privy to by virtue of this pervasive trend. Who doesn’t want to see a bloke hoovering a busy road in a mankini or a girl stripping in Asda from the sheer non-specific peer pressure of a video telling them to drink something somewhere. I even saw a short feature film that would have deserved a glib golden globe.

You’re gonna hoover up if you pull something like this

Even further are the self-indulgent charity players who whore out their social media avenues under the guise of wanting to have an ‘impact’. They’re the one’s who film themselves giving a sandwich to a puppy or adopting a tree.

#NekNominate also performs a vital role in attributing coolness. This would have resulted from being one of the first people to do it (about 2 months ago), or making a truly original masterpiece. It then moved to being cool to do an ironic downing of a glass of water or maybe some organic milk. After that it would be cool to flat out ignore anyone with the gall to #Nom you.

I’d like to nominate Squidward !

There were also the fun sponges. You probably saw one or two where they maybe tried to play the “this is all very stupid and dangerous” card. Those people are toxic. The masterful imbibing of an entire bottle of whiskey is something to be celebrated.

The Nekcromancer

Finally, we should all welcome a good neologism for that is how language thrives and develops. I personally think that nekandnominate is an awesome sounding word that reminds me of my time in an H P Lovecraft novel peddling that great grimoire, The Necronomicon.

So, before condemning, consider the social functions of such phenomena.