Oxford Fashion Week Celebrates Launch

Oxford Fashion Week launches with a bang!

Students, grab your edgy pieces and get ready to mix and match colours, because the Oxford Fashion Week (March 3-9, 2014) is back and it’s ready for its best show yet!

The Tab was given an exclusive sneak peak into the Fashion Week team’s plans at their press launch this week. The event at Malmaison provided an opportunity to pick up the insider info on what to expect from Oxford’s most stylish fashion lovers.

It’s been a long wait since the 2012 show, but Mr. Carl Anglim, one of the directors and a former Oxford graduate, says that this year’s will be worth the wait. They’ve brought back the lingerie show which is a definite crowd pleaser. The concept show will also be fantastic as well, as many designers are former fashion school graduates who have been in the field for the last three year and are at the peak of their creativity.

Creativity will be a common theme throughout the week at various shows, because that is the most important concept that the Oxford Fashion Week supports.

Tips for those wanting to participate as a model? Tiffany Saunders and Emma Appleton, Faces of Oxford Fashion week in 2010 and 2011 respectively, told the Tab that the key to winning a coveted place on the catwalk is ‘attending the open casting call and being confident’.

As cliché as that may sound, their top tip for modelling hopefuls was ‘no matter how gorgeous someone may look, if they don’t look confident in their walk, the fashion directors will not be able to look beyond that’.

Everything else falls second to confidence. So ladies and gentlemen, chin up, shoulders back and own that runway!

Finally, as Jeremey Smith of Oxford Mail put it, “fashion allows you to be who you are and who you want to be. It’s how much you go beyond your creativity that you’ll become more fashionable.”

The tickets have gone live, so grab yours while you can! Prices start at just £5, and the week full of fashion begins with the opening night party at The Living Room, on Monday, March 3rd.

What to expect from the week

Open casting call, females and males both welcome- February 8-9, 2-5 PM at the Malmaison at 8pm. If you’ve got the look and the confidence, why not try your luck?