Oxford research reveals wettest January in 250 years

Statistics gathered by the University have shown this January was the wettest in nearly 250 years

The heavy rain that has deluged Oxford so far this year has been revealed as the most this city has seen EVER.  

The information comes from the Meteorological station which is based at Green Templeton College and reveals that the total monthly rainfall for January was a whopping 146.9mm.

Even the likes of Tolkien and C.S. Lewis didn’t have to put up with this – it’s the highest level of rainfall since records began in 1767.

The previous record holder was January 1852 which suffered a measly 138.7mm of rainfall.  In past years the average total in January has been only a boring 52.5mm.

Green Templeton weather boffins reveal new data.

Green Templeton weather boffins reveal new data.

The data was confirmed by Dr Ian Ashpole, a member of the geography department at the college.  He also reveals that this January was the wettest of any of the three winter months – December, January, February – having had just one day which was entirely rain free.

But hey, look on the bright side: Last January was also the 15th warmest on record.  Thanks, global warming.