Rusticated Students can now use University Facilities

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Students who have been rusticated will now be able to access University resources, such as email and libraries.

The change has come out after a report from the University’s Education Committee, which passed a paper on the 30th of January saying that “All students should be granted access to online resources (including email) and to University libraries during periods of suspension…”

Previously, suspended (or rusticated) students were not able to use facilities such as these, and were barred from borrowing books or logging on to Nexus.

OUSU – turns out to be useful sometimes.

The paper makes it clear that these rights are now to be extended to students who have been suspended, but there are some conditions on the manner of suspension.

If students “are suspended due to non-payment of fees, where they fail to return from an agreed period of suspension, or where there are specific circumstances where such access should not be given, due to health and safety considerations”, then they will still be prevented from using libraries and email.

The University’s Education Committee, which passed this decision, is chaired by the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education, and also counts Garlen Lo, Vice President (Graduates) and Rachel Pickering, Vice President (Access an Affairs) among its members.