CAM-WHO? Oxford top social media survey

Bad news for Russell Group – but Oxford bucks the trend

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World leader yet again: Oxford #1, and it’s not close…

A new survey exploring the use of social media by British universities has ranked Oxford as number one.

The survey, by, examined Facebook likes, Twitter followers and YouTube subscriptions to the official accounts of every British university.

The survey threw up a few surprises; the University of Salford (ranked 84th in the most recent Guardian University Guide) finished an outstanding fourth overall, while ex-poly Edinburgh Napier University beat Glasgow and Edinburgh to take the top spot among Scottish universities on the platform.

Top of the table: but Salford make the CL places…

At the other end, there was bad news for Manchester, which had 18,000 likes and subscriptions across all three platforms compared to over 40,000 students, while Bristol’s Facebook page at the time of compilation could only attract a downright-embarrassing 1,283 likes.

70 universities in all had more students than Facebook likes, including Russell Group institutions such as Hull and Leeds.

However, the important takeaway from the data came to Oxford, who utterly trounced all opposition. The university was the only one to attract more than a million Facebook likes, as well as topping the Twitter followers list and finishing top-three in YouTube subscriptions.

Such was the scale of Oxford’s dominance that the university had more Facebook likes than the next ten combined; if the Tabs are excluded, that increases to an incredible twenty-one.

Brookes performed well too, ranking fifth overall with over 70,000 Facebook likes, trumping UCL, Imperial, Birmingham, Sheffield, and a multitude of others.

And we all know its social media data that really counts, Cambridge.

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