OURFC’s Meaty Tackle goes Viral

Under 21s win legions of male fans with nude photo.

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A naked picture of the Rugby Union Under 21s squad has gone viral, receiving over 21,500 views and causing quite a stir on a gay forum since being posted on the site.

Naked ambition from OURFC.

The team shot, taken as a pre-varsity ritual, has received a rapturous reception after being posted on nude celebrity forum famousmales.com.

The website describes itself as having ‘the world’s top male celebrity forums’ and requires a picture at the start of each thread.  The OURFC snap has proved a smash hit with the forum’s visitors.

The comments that follow the snap are dripping with praise for our rugby lads’ physiques.  Special admiration was given to St Hilda’s second row Tom Reeson-Price, who won punters’ plaudits sitting front and centre in the picture.

The forum’s visitors are left drooling by OURFC.

Rugby star Doug Sexton says he’s ‘flattered’ by the photo’s popularity, but acknowledged most of the male attention thus far had been focused on other members of the team.

However, doubt was cast by some over the age of those involved, with many posters expressing surprise that these chiselled bodies could really belong to men still too young to rent a car or buy booze in America.

One poster doubts the team’s age, but not their virility.

And with many of the forums commentators asking about the availability of a nude calendar, the success of the photo could well prove valuable for OURFC’s charitable efforts on behalf of ProstateUK.

With reviews like these, there should be no shortage of men (and women) buying it.

They’ve got form… bearing all for ProstateUK